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For the IPL 2023, Reliance Jio introduces a new VR headset with a 360-degree view feature

JioDive is the first Virtual Reality (VR) headset released by Reliance Jio. Users of the JioDive VR gear may have a unique experience by seeing Indian Premier League (IPL) games in 360-degrees on a fictitious 100-inch screen.

Priced at Rs 1,299, the JioDive VR headgear is available at JioMart in the color Black. Along with offers from Paytm Wallet, where users can receive a cashback of Rs 500, the device comes with a 3-month warranty.

Android and iOS smartphones with screens between 4.7 and 6.7 inches may use the VR headset. Users must download the JioImmerse app in order to utilize it, and it makes use of the smartphone's gyroscope and accelerometer. Additionally, the device has center and side wheels that allow users to adjust the lenses to “make the image sharper and optical comfort.”

To browse the UI while wearing the headset, the gadget has a click button. For prolonged, comfortable use, it also has a three-way adjustable strap and a ventilated face cushion.

JioDive provides consumers a 3D vision by positioning two lenses in front of the phone's display. The headgear tracks user motions and displays various portions of the picture or video using the gyroscope and accelerometer sensors on the phone.

Users must download the JioImmerse app and scan the QR code on the headset's packaging in order to utilize JioDive. After logging into the app and selecting JioDive, they must connect to a Jio network before selecting the “Watch on JioDive” option. Users may situate their phone between the support clip and lenses by opening the headset's front cover, then adjust the straps and image quality before using the gadget.

Users may utilize JioDive to play games and consume virtual reality material in addition to viewing the IPL on a huge screen. To utilize the JioImmerse app, users must be connected to a Jio 4G, 5G, or JioFiber network.

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