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In fact, many of Apple's products now have AI functionality

The word “artificial intelligence” (AI) brings to mind companies like Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI. Nobody would claim to have thought of Apple when AI was mentioned.
The majority of people think that the maker of the iPhone is lagging behind in this regard. The IT juggernaut with headquarters in Cupertino has really incorporated AI technologies into several of its products.
While its Big Tech competitors work swiftly to enhance their AI capabilities, Apple has remained unusually silent. Given that generative AI is now synonymous with AI in general, Siri's image as an outdated chatbot has hampered Apple's.
The business has now turned its focus to generative AI, however. It recently posted job listings seeking experts in generative AI.
Since the beginning of time, iPhones have had top-notch cameras. The Camera app, for instance, may be used by single-lens smartphones like the iPhone XR and SE3 to identify the subject's edges and produce Portrait Mode photographs. Multiple lenses for object detection are missing from these phones. Instead, they depend on Apple's machine learning to create excellent portraits.
On iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura, the Photos app has a number of AI-powered capabilities. Users may delete select topics from photographs by deleting the backdrop. Because of machine learning, the function works offline.
The method is likewise instantaneous without any previous indexing. The 'For You' page in Photos employs AI to show viewers pictures that are similar to those they have previously viewed.
Siri has been criticised for being unable to compete with contemporary chatbots like ChatGPT. Rumours suggest that Apple is considering giving Siri access to generative AI. Despite its limits, Siri still has certain AI characteristics. Consider Siri Shortcuts as an example. Apple's Siri Shortcuts employs artificial intelligence (AI) to suggest different tasks to users depending on location, app use, habits, time, and other factors.
With the use of artificial intelligence, Apple's Live Text can locate any text inside a picture or a video and then translate, convert, or copy it. The function may also look for visual components in images. AI is used in the Offline Dictation feature as well. The user's voice may be identified and translated into text.
Both functions are usable offline and online.
Utilising machine learning, the company optimises battery charging. Similar to Siri Shortcuts, Optimised Battery Charging learns from user patterns to increase battery life. When the Apple device has been used for a time, the appropriate OS understands the user's charging activity. It will cease charging at 80% after a pattern has been found. The charging will restart just moments before the user generally unplugs the gadget.
Apple's health and safety features also make use of AI and machine learning. For instance, to make Crash Detection function, the company employed a huge quantity of information and data to educate its equipment how to properly identify accidents.

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