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In the midst of the Adipurush controversy, Dipika Chikhlia greets fans as Sita; users comment, “No One Can Replace You”

<p>In contrast to the negative reviews it has gotten, Adipurush is still making waves at the box office. Dipika Chikhlia, who portrayed Goddess Sita in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, shocked her admirers by releasing a reel of herself as Sita. The actress still receives praise today for the role she played.<img decoding=”async” loading=”lazy” class=”alignnone wp-image-30484″ src=”×422.jpg” alt=”” width=”1400″ height=”788″ srcset=”×422.jpg 750w,×576.jpg 1024w,×432.jpg 768w,×220.jpg 390w, 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 1400px) 100vw, 1400px” /></p>
<p>On Monday, Dipika posted a video to her Instagram account that was essentially a collage of images and videos of her wearing a saffron sari, worshiping in front of an idol, and petting Tulsi plants. The caption said, “This article is in response to popular demand… I am appreciative of all the affection I have ever experienced for the part I performed. As a sitaji, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.<img decoding=”async” loading=”lazy” class=”alignnone wp-image-30487″ src=”×422.png” alt=”” width=”1400″ height=”788″ srcset=”×422.png 750w,×576.png 1024w,×432.png 768w,×220.png 390w, 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 1400px) 100vw, 1400px” /></p>
<p>In the comment area, her supporters who have long believed her to be the actual Maa Sita were unable to contain their feelings. “Ma’am aapki ye ek reel poori Adipurush film par bhari padegi,” a distraught online user remarked. Another person said, “My Sita maiyya, you are great! Always!!” “600 crore times better than anyone!” said another. Another supporter said, “A true Sita Maa’s face for all of us Indians!”<img decoding=”async” loading=”lazy” class=”alignnone wp-image-30490″ src=”×422.png” alt=”” width=”1400″ height=”788″ srcset=”×422.png 750w,×576.png 1024w,×432.png 768w,×220.png 390w, 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 1400px) 100vw, 1400px” /></p>
<p>Adipurush, a film directed by Om Raut, is a retelling of the Ramayan narrative. Along with Prabhas portraying Raghav, Kriti playing Janaki, Saif portraying Lankesh, and Sunny Singh playing Shesh, Devdatta Nage plays Bajrang in the movie.<img decoding=”async” loading=”lazy” class=”alignnone wp-image-29615″ src=”” alt=”” width=”1174″ height=”672″ /></p>
<p>The movie has also been under fire for its “Jalegi tere baap ki” phrase. The filmmakers also revealed earlier today that they will “alter” the speech in the movie. “The producers are going through the aforementioned conversations again to make sure that they remain true to the basic message of the movie. This will be reflected in the theaters over the following few days. This choice proves that the crew is dedicated and that nothing is above the feelings of their viewers and the general goodwill of society, even in the face of relentless box office success, according to a statement released by T-Series.</p>
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