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Kavya Publications: Narrative of Indian Literature, Championed by Ajay Agrawal

Kavya Publications, an Indian publishing house founded in 2018, endeavors to champion Indian literature and culture. The company publishes books in English, Hindi, and various Indian languages, actively seeking emerging talent and providing them with a platform to showcase their work. Notably, Kavya Publications remains dedicated to social responsibility, supporting numerous charitable initiatives.

Ajay Agrawal, the founder of Kavya Publications, stands as a fervent advocate for Indian literature and culture. A prolific author himself, Agrawal has penned popular novels such as “DHUNDH ME SAFAR,” “SCHOOL ANTHAKATHA,” motivational literature like “HOW TO MOTIVATE YOUR CHILD FOR STUDY,” historical research works including “MANAV AVATARAN EVAM SABHYTA KA VIKAS,” and various others. Under Agrawal’s stewardship, Kavya Publications has surged as one of India’s swiftest-growing publishing platforms. Renowned for its commitment to quality and excellence, the company prioritizes innovation and adaptability. Moreover, Kavya Publications actively hosts literary events, workshops, and firmly upholds its social responsibility.

The publishing house has introduced several award-winning books, earning accolades for authors contributing to Indian literature. Notably, Kavya Publications has published works by Dr. Achal Nagar, a renowned film story writer credited for scripts in films like “Baghwan,” “Nigahe,” “Nagina,” among others. Other notable authors published include Mahendra Bhishm, Mahesh Katare Sugam, Prof. Yaqub Yawar, and Dr. Sanjeev Choudhary. The company is steadfast in promoting Indian literature and culture to a global audience, actively participating in international book fairs and literary festivals.

Kavya Publications stands as a leading publisher of Indian literature, ardently dedicated to promoting Indian culture and heritage worldwide. Renowned for its high-quality books and innovative publishing approach, Kavya Publications remains a cornerstone of the Indian literary community, poised to maintain its leading role in the future. Kavya Publications operates under its parent company, SDR INNOWAYS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, and its website,, stands as a popular platform among aspiring authors.

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