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Banita Sandhu Signs Up for “G2,” Signifying Her First Pan-India Project

<p>The cast of “G2,” the follow-up to the 2018 movie “Goodachari,” has been augmented with the addition of Banita Sandhu. Banita, who gained recognition for her parts in Sardar Udham, October, and Varmaa, is expected to be a key player in this much awaited film. To announce the announcement, the filmmakers posted on social media, saying, “Welcoming the talented @banitasandhu on board for the mission of #G2.” “Shoot begins soon,” denoting the impending start of the project.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-283995″ src=”×750.jpg” alt=” banita sandhu signs up for g2 signifying her first pan india project banita sandhu” width=”1455″ height=”1938″ title=”Banita Sandhu Signs Up for "G2," Signifying Her First Pan-India Project 21″ srcset=”×750.jpg 563w,×200.jpg 150w, 576w” sizes=”(max-width: 1455px) 100vw, 1455px” /></p>
<p>“G2” is Banita Sandhu’s first pan-Indian production, and she expressed her excitement by saying, “I’m so excited to collaborate with such an incredible, visionary team.” This is my first pan-Indian film. I’ve never played a character like this before, and I can’t wait for people to view me in a whole new light. For me, working on this film will be a creative joy. Adivi Sesh, her co-star, said, “I look forward to an amazing collaboration, and I warmly welcome Banita to the G2 world.”</p>
<p>After making her feature debut in the 2018 Hindi film “October,” Banita went on to feature in the 2019 CW series “Pandora” and the 2019 Tamil film “Adithya Varma.” Born in Caerleon, Wales, to first-generation British Indian parents, Banita relocated to London when she was eighteen years old in order to attend King’s College London to study English literature. She started her acting career when she was eleven years old.</p>
<p>The news that Banita Sandhu will be joining the cast of “G2” is a noteworthy achievement for the actor. Her first attempt at a multilingual, pan-Indian film is this one. There is a tangible sense of excitement about the movie, as Banita has said how excited she is to take on a character that will undoubtedly be different from her past roles.</p>
<p>“G2” seems to be developing into an intriguing and imaginative endeavor as the actors and crew prepare for the start of filming, and Banita Sandhu’s casting increases the buzz and expectation around the movie. The actress’s and the “G2” team’s teamwork is poised to provide a cinematic experience that fans will look forward to.</p>
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